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Canada is one of the most beautiful stretches of Earth on the planet. With lush mountainsides and gorgeous snowcapped landscapes, sitting in Canada is like sitting within a painting. But Canada also has a top-notch higher education system that gives the country brains in addition to beauty. Canada is rich in its natural resources. Canada contains 38 national parks, 1000 provincial parks, and approximately 50 territorial parks.

Most people are surprised to learn that 'Canada is the world's second-largest country in total area, after Russia.' It stretches from the northern border of the continental United States all the way up to the 'Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island, just 834 kilometers (450 nautical miles) from the North Pole.'

Culturally, Canada has historically been heavily influenced by English, French, Irish, and Scottish cultures and traditions.



All students are required to obtain Study Permit and Temporary Resident Visa before entering into Canada for their studies. Admission to an institution does not guarantee the issuance of study permit. Students must meet the requirement of CHC to get their visas.


Elysian International is proud to have specialist staff for preparing Canadian study permit applications purely according to the required standards of Canadian High Commission.

Step 1: Elysian International’s advisor will be allocated to the student
Step 2: Advisor will work as best friend for the student in getting student registered with us after confirming course options provided by the advisor.
Step 3: After registration with Elysian International, advisor will get Admission Letter processed by the chosen university.
Step 4: Advisor will help the student in paying university’s course fees to arrange student’s Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
Step 5: Student will be provided a consolidated visa checklist for his visa application. Visa file will be prepared by the advisor according to student’s documents and checklist.
Step 6: Completed visa application will be submitted by the student to Canadian High Commission (CHC).


After getting study permit approved by Canadian High Commission, student arranges his flight to Canada and gets his clearance at airport. Students must report at their respective campus to confirm their arrival and to obtain student card from the institute. This later follows by arranging accommodation, opening the bank account and managing travel plans.


Students are limited to 20 hours work per week while classes are in session, they may work full time during holiday periods. Work rights are meant only to supplement a student's income and should not be viewed as the sole source of funds. Canada's standard of living and education system are amongst the best in the world.